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Missing the Goal of Football (Soccer)


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The World Cup is here. If you don’t know, it happens every 4 years.

Around the world, it’s a “Big_Deal!”  It’s like a global SuperBowl to all nations except most Americans.  This year for the first time, the international tournamant is held in an African nation (South Africa).  Which got me wondering about American culture and influence. How come we don’t feel the hype through the usual means of media clips, commercials, sound bites, and carved bits of news?

You know, there is a common joke about how a person who speaks two or three languages are called bi/multi-lingual; but a person who speaks only one language is called ‘an American.’  It’s funny to tears.  Not only do many Americans speak only one language, things we do are separated from the world culture.  For example, Americans measure in miles, feet, and weight, while the rest of the world’s metric system uses meters and grams. 

A clear disregard comes from the American jacking of the name “football.”  Football is America’s passion with touchdowns, helmets and shoulder pads, fantasy football, and the holy grail: The SuperBowl.  Don’t confuse me, I love the sport too, but I ask:  Should football’s popularity come at the expense of downplaying another? (by the way, how we get the name ‘soccer’ anyway). 

When I watch ‘the world’s football,’  I’ll admit, I have no ideas about the rules, the running, walking, falling, headshots, look-no-hands techniques, but I feel the elation of a GOOOAAALLL scored, and its international importance, which every American must appreciate—Go FIFA; Go WorldCup!