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How to Make a Birthday Happy!

The easy answer: An all-expense paid trip around the world, right!

But let’s say you’ve check that off your list; What then is the goal for the next year and year after?

Since this is my birthday time, I thought it might be fun to think about the question: What makes a birthday happy? Or, in other words, what should I look forward to, plan around, or even appreciate on my birthday.  I came up with many things, but four (4) of them (out of the 38) I’ll light for now.

1) Appreciate that you lived to see another birthday: I know this is a cliché of sorts, but it’s never corny or overstated. Did you know we tend to die around our birthday?  The NY Times  reported a study that from over 2 million natural deaths, males were more likely to die shortly before their birthday.  For women, the study suggests that although you live to see your birthday, women “were more likely to die in the week after their birthdays than in any other week during the year.” (Blakeslee, September 22, 1992)

2. Respecting other aspects that decided your fate : Given the complexity of life and choices of society from unfulfilled pregnancies (miscarriages, aborted or otherwise) to unwanted circumstances of health abnormalities, financial instability, parents’ irreconcilability, and other issues of support and nurturing environments, it’s a wonder we’re here. Taking those out-of-your-control factors into account, a humble “head-nod” of respect must be given to the positive factors that were in your favor.

3. Receiving Gifts through Giving gifts: I don’t mean the expectation often in ‘gift-giving’ that since I gave you something, my gift better be in the mail. I really mean tapping into your own joy of seeing the joy and happiness of someone else, especially when you give what they wanted…not just on a birthday, but any day.  Also, in receiving any birthday wish, you hope that you brought some pleasant wish or thought to them. Knowing that they took the time to think of you on your birthday.

4. It’s your very own “New Years!”:  I don’t know about you, but new-years-eve have become such a forced time of renewal. Having a “new years resolution” is a consumer-marketing aim for health-fitness clubs, dieting, and going back-to-school campaigns. Unless you are a New Years baby,’ I think your birth-day is your very own new years to countdown and look forward to. It’s a time to change, to reflect, and to become a renewed and re-energized self…

So with that in mind, I blow the candles and POP the CHAMPAGNE!!! I urge you to do the same…


The ‘Smurf’ Survey: Who’s Your Favorite?


Macy Thanksgiving Parade 2009

I mentioned the Smurfs (in the last blog) about how they rely on each other by sharing their strengths and talents for the good of the group. I thought it would be fun to start a poll and learn who is your favorite.  Also, after you complete the poll share comments and even give a name for yourself as a Smurf (male or female). I’m curious to see the results. 

To make a serious and informed decision, a link of all the Smurf characters are below. HAVE FUN!



And your name:__________ Smurf


Learning-For-Yourself (not by yourself)

What’s underneath many of our blog’s messages promote one basic point: Learn for Yourself!

Another name is called, “Self-directed Learning.”  For me, self-directed learning is just that, an approach toward continuing education that is directed, guided, and supported by our personal and social interests.  This may seem like common-sense.  But some choices we make in terms of our education, only relates to a job, career, or future advancement. Sure, these could satisfy personal aims too, but there’s usually a goal in mind. 

So, I ask you: when was the last time you explored something with no goal in sight?  What were they? 

To me, I think of hobbies in this way.  Hobbies are what we have an interest for, but seem to never make money from it, maybe even spending, what we think, is way too much.  Yet we know, some of the best businesses start from people finding ways to earn a living from what they already love to do.  They realize that the financial bottom-line may be minimal, but their lifetime of rewards are overly abundant.

I wonder what our world would be, if we all pursued what we loved instead of what pays us more? 

In fact, I remember a childhood cartoon called the Smurfs (yes, the Smurfs!) that although they looked the same (royal blue, I think) they had their own specialty and talent whereby the entire community relied upon them to express their gifts. 

Still as a child, my mother once said: “It takes everybody to make a world.”  It spoke to how our differences is what makes us unique, yet at the same time, the society needs us to be different, to show our uniqueness, and express our talents for the betterment of everyone. 

I believe Learning-For-Yourself is the same way:  We all have different interests, so that new courses should be created; different teaching methods applied; and instruction from schools and universities should embrace change and serve as “resources of inspiration”-guiding us to learn on our own, together.

LearnLong Logo

Learning 2 Love…

Love Is

©1995.Love Is...No.68 by Kim Casali

Love is one of those words that seems taboo to talk about in almost every situation. Regardless if we discuss it or not, it’s still there. Which got me thinking: What is a possible connection between Love and Learning?

Well to start; we know from Greek and Latin languages that there are multiple meanings of love such as Eros, Agape, Philia, and Stroge.  They allude to the different emotions expressed.  For example, Agape is a deeper sense of true love; Eros is a passionate, romantic love;  Philia is a virtuous friendship and family love; and, lastly Storge is the kind of affection we see in love expressed between a parent and child. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_words_for_love

We could (but I won’t) describe the types of learning too. But, I would rather focus on the aspect many believe is the first form of learning . That is learning from play.  Play is the kind of learning we see in children and we are beginning to realize that play is important as we learn in our adult lives.

So, going back to the question of what is a connection between love and learning. The aspect of Play provides an answer.  The connection I see, is FUN!  That is, we learn and  love because it is fun, not boring.  I think when someone loves or learns, he or she actually feels excited about it! So much so,  just the thought makes you feel like a ‘kid again.’  We  should always want to experience that kind of joy in whatever we do. So: Enjoy the pursuit, Find what’s Fun, and Learn to Love…