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Lifestyle Change for Lifelong Learning

The best, top-ranked, and most popular blogs on lifelong learning, continuing education, and adult learning are often passed over. Not because of their importance, but just being hard to find in most media and blog directories. If you wanted to browse these topics on Yahoo! Huffington Post, or Technorati, just to name a few, there is no specific section dedicated to the education or learning of adults. To be fair, you might find some related clip on DIY (do-it-yourself), still all of them are lumped into a catch-all category called ‘Lifestyle.’

Lifestyle suggests a preference and choice rather than being essential. Perhaps this explains why education after high-school has become an option and not a given right.

Some argue for ‘lifelong learning’, but it can also suggest an individual’s role to find bits of information in the same way of deciding what clothes to wear, movies to watch, or cellphones to text and never talk from.  These other choices are indeed lifestyle preferences; should creating an education also be one of them?

This explains why I prefer using the expression, ‘lifelong education’: Simply to promote and advance a discussion about how our community colleges, universities, even professional, technical and vocational schools have a societal role and responsibility to be continual partners in our educational need.

In the meantime, I would suggest a re-classification, a proverbial ‘lifestyle change’,  in how lifelong learning and continuing education is grouped in media outlets.  Who knows, it might not only change our choice of living, but also our style of learning.