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How to Make a Birthday Happy!

The easy answer: An all-expense paid trip around the world, right!

But let’s say you’ve check that off your list; What then is the goal for the next year and year after?

Since this is my birthday time, I thought it might be fun to think about the question: What makes a birthday happy? Or, in other words, what should I look forward to, plan around, or even appreciate on my birthday.  I came up with many things, but four (4) of them (out of the 38) I’ll light for now.

1) Appreciate that you lived to see another birthday: I know this is a cliché of sorts, but it’s never corny or overstated. Did you know we tend to die around our birthday?  The NY Times  reported a study that from over 2 million natural deaths, males were more likely to die shortly before their birthday.  For women, the study suggests that although you live to see your birthday, women “were more likely to die in the week after their birthdays than in any other week during the year.” (Blakeslee, September 22, 1992)

2. Respecting other aspects that decided your fate : Given the complexity of life and choices of society from unfulfilled pregnancies (miscarriages, aborted or otherwise) to unwanted circumstances of health abnormalities, financial instability, parents’ irreconcilability, and other issues of support and nurturing environments, it’s a wonder we’re here. Taking those out-of-your-control factors into account, a humble “head-nod” of respect must be given to the positive factors that were in your favor.

3. Receiving Gifts through Giving gifts: I don’t mean the expectation often in ‘gift-giving’ that since I gave you something, my gift better be in the mail. I really mean tapping into your own joy of seeing the joy and happiness of someone else, especially when you give what they wanted…not just on a birthday, but any day.  Also, in receiving any birthday wish, you hope that you brought some pleasant wish or thought to them. Knowing that they took the time to think of you on your birthday.

4. It’s your very own “New Years!”:  I don’t know about you, but new-years-eve have become such a forced time of renewal. Having a “new years resolution” is a consumer-marketing aim for health-fitness clubs, dieting, and going back-to-school campaigns. Unless you are a New Years baby,’ I think your birth-day is your very own new years to countdown and look forward to. It’s a time to change, to reflect, and to become a renewed and re-energized self…

So with that in mind, I blow the candles and POP the CHAMPAGNE!!! I urge you to do the same…