Learning Cities for Adult LearnersLearning Cities have become an emerging topic for the field of adult and continuing education.  Learning cities call for a different way to educate and learn throughout life.

Check out the Spring 2015 issue Learning Cities for Adult Learners from New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education (Jossey-Bass).

Edited by Leodis Scott, cofounder and research scholar of LearnLong Institute, including author contributions from other LearnLong Institute’s cofounders and scholars, Aimee Tiu Wu and Connie Watson.  This issue feature important author contributions from informed experts including Judy Barto, Ebbin Dotson, Hiram Fitzgerald, Cynthia Needles Fletcher, Dan K. Hibbler, Diane Howard, Joanne Howard, Alysia Peich, Lyle Yorks, and Renee Zientek.

LearnLong Cities for Adult Learners is available via several providers, including Wiley Online Library ;Amazon; Barnes & Noble



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