About LearnLong°


LearnLong Institute for Education and Learning Research (NFP) is an independent educational think-tank informing individuals and the public about adult, higher, and continuing education.  We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization created to improve our quality of life by developing learning cities and educative societies for all.


LearnLong° EduBlogger

LearnLong° EduBlogger

Hi, I’m Leodis Scott from LearnLong Institute and one of the “edubloggers” for our LearnLong Blog. I’m an adult learning educator and engaged-learning researcher with a doctorate in education from Columbia University-Teachers College in the fields of adult learning and leadership. In all, I’m interested in the multiple situations for improving education and learning around the world.

LearnLong° EduBlogger

LearnLong° EduBlogger

Hello! I’m Aimee Tiu Wu from LearnLong Institute and one of the “edubloggers” for our LearnLong Blog. I’m a higher education professional, adult educator and mother with a doctorate in adult education and leadership from Teachers College Columbia University. Inspired by St. John Baptist de la Salle, my educational philosophy is “teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives.” My goal is to help learners see the best in themselves, leverage their strengths and support their learning to become lifelong learners.

LearnLong EduBlogger

LearnLong° EduBlogger

Hello, I’m Connie Watson, a Research Scholar and Edublogger  from LearnLong Institute. I am an adult learning educator and leader in Higher Education practice and scholarship with a doctorate in adult learning from Columbia University- Teachers College and a community college Psychology Professor. Some of my interests include Transformative Learning & Leadership, Global and Multicultural Education, and Learning Cities.

LearnLong° EduBlogger

LearnLong EduBlogger

Hi, I’m Maria Liu Wong, Research Scholar and Edublogger for LearnLong Institute.  I’m involved with faculty development, program planning, and gallery exhibition coordination as an educator and researcher in adult learning, leadership and theological education. Having graduate degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, and Westminster Theological Seminary, my research interests include lifelong and transformative learning, mentoring, action research, women and leadership, diversity, arts, and urban theological education.

Contact Information:

Contact Leodis: learnlong2(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact Aimee: alt2128(at)tc.columbia(dot)edu
Contact Connie: cpw2111(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact Maria: m.liu.wong(at)gmail(dot)com

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