Most Americans considered Lifelong Learners

73% of adults consider themselves “lifelong learners” according to a recent Pew Research Center report on Lifelong Learning and Technology (March, 2016).

In America according to Pew, there are two types of lifelong learners: personal learners and professional learners.

Personal lifelong learners participate in activities that interest themselves including attending courses, workshops, and seminars for personal development.

Professional lifelong learners connect to opportunities for career advancement by taking courses for improving job skills and expertise.

This report also highlights a new and exciting trend in learning that will continue across generations. However, barriers to participating still persist related to educational level, household income, and technology access.

A looming question surrounding the emerging field of lifelong learning, is how can all people, despite academic, economic, or social status, actively learn at every stage of life?

Providers of learning must be prepared to offer courses and activities for more than personal and professional learners, and begin to shift Americans’ interests toward the lifelong betterment of communities, cities, and a larger “learnlong” society.


2 responses to “Most Americans considered Lifelong Learners

  1. Thanks for highlighting this important study. Employers have a unique responsibility to transform or uplift the importance of a learning culture to support both types of lifelong learners.

  2. Lydia Angel Cooper

    I Appreciate the reassurance of that I can continue to Grow. In the sense that I will never get to a place where I will know it all. Its exciting to know that knowledge is unending and continuous learning is always occurring. My employer will notice that I am not stuck but willing to expand my knowledge of the position. As I participate in activities that interest me, including attending courses, workshops, and seminars for personal development is mandatory and refreshing for my Healthy mind and Physically and Mentally. I

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