Of course I forgive you!

Like most days, today, I’m rushing from point A to point B, chore to chore with little time to spare in between tasks and errands. Somewhere between the hustle and bustle, the loading and unloading in the car, the running and barely making it, I lost my temper with my 3 year old.

Like any overstretched parents, after a few minutes of calm, guilt washed over me like hot lava. I went to my little girl, pulled her into my arms, looked into her eyes and tearfully said, “I’m sorry. Do you forgive me?” Without hesitation, she hugged me back and replied chirpily, “Of course I forgive you!”.

My heart almost sunk to the ground. In that moment, locked in my daughter’s warm love and embrace, I am humbled, deeply humbled beyond words. My 3 year old, who is as innocent as can be, taught me something so profound today, that even I, have a difficult time understanding and living it at my age.

The lesson learned today, wasn’t just in the words, “I forgive you”, but the resounding “Of course!”. The astounding certainty, the ringing assurance, the unshakable faith- that’s how she has extended her forgiveness to me. As I reflect back on this, and in the days, months and years to come, I will forever be reminded of what authentic forgiveness is.

As the holidays approach, I am reminded, through this experience of what this beautiful season is all about- unfailing Love. Underneath our tree of Love, are gifts of forgiveness, humility, empathy, kindness, generosity, openness and peace. We are all given these gifts, and during this season of joy, let us all share these gifts with one another and let us bring joy and cheer into each other’s souls. And hopefully, we will all find the time and space in our hearts to say to someone, “Of course, I forgive you!”



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