Playing Education Like A Professional Sport

What if the scene of professional sports applied to education? Education would see casual spectators, loyal fans, owners and agents, referees and commissioners, rules and regulations, plus a schedule of games to play.

But who would education play and how would it know it won? I guess in formal schooling there have always been competition: for the highest grade, awards and recognition, maybe even your name on a diploma. But that seems different.

When I think about education as a professional sport, I’m envisioning there is a goal or championship, a SuperBowl,  some record-breaking accomplishment, something that gets media attention and worthy of autographs.

So why isn’t education like that?  Surely there would be more prospects and recruits.  Another question: where would the stadium and arena be located?  And who would attend and why?

If you haven’t figured by now, there’s no answer, or one is not provided. But there is something more promising.  Thinking about education beyond the boring brick and mortar, and transforming it into exciting living and happening.

For those who are not satisfying with a non-answer, I offer this:  If playing education was like a professional sport, we would practice everyday, work on weaknesses, excel in our strengths, find others, tell others, and practice together until we came across the most important question: What’s our  ‘fighting name?’


What do you think?

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