Is ‘Learning’ for a Reason, Season, or Lifetime?

A quick answer: Yes! Although this response depends on what ‘learning’ means for different people. Learning how to read, for instance, could mean something different from learning how to rap, text, or even write a blog. With countless examples like these, people can come up with all kinds of reasons for learning.

Same goes for the seasons for learning. They are timeframes that could range from months in a year, years of age, or an age and era representing the sign-of-the-times. It would follow that a lifetime for learning includes learning that never ends and continues throughout every stage of living.

So why the question? Well, simply to highlight the power of choices, but the limitations that comes with decisions. The question, “is learning for a reason, season, or lifetime” can suggest a selection that must be made between them. If made, at that very moment, learning is limited by that decision. In fact, learning is even limited by posing a question with only three options.

So I leave you with a thought: What would learning be without limitations?  Imagine if we never had to make up reasons for learning, such as having to wait next Fall to start school,  or planning for milestone ages of 30, 40, and 50-years-old as new opportunities to learn more.  

If learning was limitless and without these options, what would you choose?        



One response to “Is ‘Learning’ for a Reason, Season, or Lifetime?

  1. What is so interesting, although I may be begging the question a bit; knowledge is infinite, therefore education is as well. To ask the question; “what would learning be without limitations?” doesn’t explain the need for education. Here we are in a world where we are still making discoveries from million years past and creating a reality for the future that today may seem an impossibility but for the future holds many possibilities. I suggest that the question should state, “what would learning be with limitations?” There you touch on the subject of choices, for it is the individual choices that dictate his limitations. Here we are in agreement. However, learning for a reason wouldn’t impose limitation it poses for choices, endless amounts of choices. To learn via season is limitless as well; although every season bares similarities, those aspects still posses differences; enough for it to contain mounds of possibilities. Lastly, to learn for a lifetime. We are still learning from teachers of our past and students will be learning from what we leave behind making learning infinite.

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