No Adult Left Overlooked: Reforming Continuing Learning Too

Given the current debate for education reform such as fixing No Child Left Behind; promoting Race to the Top; and encouraging a  ’21st Century curricula’ , there still is a gap, a remaining empty space, incompletely filled by creating jobs or training  skills.

It relates to adults who must continue to learn regardless of high-school diploma or college degree. It involves educating for life and supporting continual learning for all people.

Some parts missing in the discussion:  

1) Lifelong learning accounts (similar to 401K, but for continuing education);

 2) More employer or independent contractor tuition reimbursement programs;

3) Paid educational leave, especially for near retirees to pursue formal education;

 4) Tuition reduction options and student loan forgiveness for recent college alumni;

5) Further allowing lifetime experiences to transfer as credit and acceptance within colleges and professions. 

The belief that ‘children are our future‘ is very true, but it is equally true that the future will depend upon how, and what, our adults’  learn today.


One response to “No Adult Left Overlooked: Reforming Continuing Learning Too

  1. I really enjoyed your article and the fact that it is focusing on the adult learner. I think that it is important for people to become informed on the needs of the adult that is considering continuing their education. Your article was very informative on the topic! I particularly liked that you focused on the realities of continuing one’s education. I thought that having a paid educational leave was a very good idea. Adults should be encouraged rather than discouraged to continue their education, after all it is benefiting not only themselves but the company they work for as well.

    I feel very strongly that the adult learner should be focused on more than it has been in the past. It is more difficult for adults to receive an education, and that should change! I think it would be helpful if adults were given more resources to help them through their learning process. Ways to do this would be by offering courses for credit on how adults learn vs. how children learn, or how to incorporate technology into your education. I liked the end of your article and how you state that just as children are our future, so are our adults.

    I have a site that also focuses on the adult learner it’s called This site offers many different degree and college options for the adult learner! Check it out today! I hope you find it as informative and enlightening as I found your article and site to be!

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