Best Teachers in Today’s Television: A Discussion

The idea of the ‘Best Teachers of Today’s Television’  comes from when I click the remote, browsing through channels, I noticed that I immediately pause for certain individuals when they appear.  I know I would do better getting a tv listing or finding on-demand telecasts, but for now I want to recognize those who keep me interested and informed-everytime I get the chance to see them. 

Best Teachers in Today’s Television Nominee


Charlie Rose

I remember years ago when I first saw this program: I took a nap. Later, I realized that the basic setting of a “round table and a conversation” was not visually exciting, but intellectually awakening.  Charlie Rose, is the exceptional everything, confronting current issues and topics around the world within one-hour segments.  His range is enormous: from politics, education, and science to movies, music, comedy and even sports.  I mention sports last because I would argue it is his weakest subject although he asked more than basic questions.  Rose seem to look at the transforming effect of all subjects under discussion and how they can improve to serve a larger society.

Those who may not have the time to read a newspaper, or frustrated for haven’t picked up a book in a while, Rose would be a great start.    The round table, where he and his guest(s) talk, has a space just for you to sit and learn to get-in-the-know.   If I was to develop a free, independent learning course, Charlie Rose would be the first part of the suggested curriculum.   


5 responses to “Best Teachers in Today’s Television: A Discussion

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