Learning-For-Yourself (not by yourself)

What’s underneath many of our blog’s messages promote one basic point: Learn for Yourself!

Another name is called, “Self-directed Learning.”  For me, self-directed learning is just that, an approach toward continuing education that is directed, guided, and supported by our personal and social interests.  This may seem like common-sense.  But some choices we make in terms of our education, only relates to a job, career, or future advancement. Sure, these could satisfy personal aims too, but there’s usually a goal in mind. 

So, I ask you: when was the last time you explored something with no goal in sight?  What were they? 

To me, I think of hobbies in this way.  Hobbies are what we have an interest for, but seem to never make money from it, maybe even spending, what we think, is way too much.  Yet we know, some of the best businesses start from people finding ways to earn a living from what they already love to do.  They realize that the financial bottom-line may be minimal, but their lifetime of rewards are overly abundant.

I wonder what our world would be, if we all pursued what we loved instead of what pays us more? 

In fact, I remember a childhood cartoon called the Smurfs (yes, the Smurfs!) that although they looked the same (royal blue, I think) they had their own specialty and talent whereby the entire community relied upon them to express their gifts. 

Still as a child, my mother once said: “It takes everybody to make a world.”  It spoke to how our differences is what makes us unique, yet at the same time, the society needs us to be different, to show our uniqueness, and express our talents for the betterment of everyone. 

I believe Learning-For-Yourself is the same way:  We all have different interests, so that new courses should be created; different teaching methods applied; and instruction from schools and universities should embrace change and serve as “resources of inspiration”-guiding us to learn on our own, together.

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