SNOWED IN! The Idle Mind’s Playground

If you heard the news lately, the Mid-Atlantic in America is having more snow than usual. So, businesses and schools are closed, keeping everyone at home.  This got me thinking (of course) what to do when you’re snowed in? To me this screams, having a HOBBY, at least one that is indoors.

Stop Sign

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But what’s a hobby? If you looked it up, the archaic meaning relates to the old “hobbyhorse!” Remember those?  You know, the stick with a horse’s head, where kids would pretend riding a real horse making horse sounds.  The poor man’s hobbyhorse, I remember, was a broom (headless horse with very long tail) that would have the same effect.  Mops too!

But, the common definition of hobby is a “favorite pursuit, plaything, or topic of conversation, aside from one’s chief occupation or business…” Winston Simplified Dictionary

The problem with this definition is that it implies something that we see everyday.  We hate our jobs!  It’s no fun, and it’s just work.  That’s why we LIKE TO BE SNOWED IN to avoid going back to it.  It’s the difference between an occupation and a vocation: You occupy a space of job, but a vocation (voice) is what you’re ‘called’ to do.

So, I think more of us should make our hobby our real businesses and vocation!  I know what you’re already saying, “Hobby doesn’t pay the bills!”  You’re right: hospital bills, prescriptions bills for sleeping pills and anger management and stress counseling. We just might live a better life and a longer one, if we do what we like, instead of suffering from a J.O.B. (just over broke) every day. 

What one of my favorite philosophers Seneca says about making money:

“What is the proper limit to a person’s wealth?

First, having what is essential,

and second, having what is enough.”


What do you think?

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