Using the SuperBowl to Learn

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Many people will be watching the Super Bowl at private parties, get-togethers, sports bars across America. It’s an event! But I have always been curious how the less-than-casual fan, a complete novice of the game of football , often attend these events and take this opportunity to ask questions about the rules and plays of the game. Needless to say, this can be annoying to many who know the significance of the Super Bowl and our lack of time to explain Football 101.

But before you get too frustrated, this might be an opportunity to learn about this person and about yourself.

As it relates to continuous learning, it is said to be three kinds of learners*:

  • 1) A goal oriented learner
  • 2) An activity oriented learner
  • 3) A learning-for-its-own-sake oriented learner

*comes from Cyril Houle, Inquiring Minds

My guess is that the SuperBowl “wannabe” might actually need a social event to learn, like the activity-oriented learner.  That might explain why they missed the entire season to learn the game. There were “no frills” !

The larger point is that all of us have times when we are motivated to learn.  When is your time? What circumstances must be in place to get you started to learn something new?  

Take Time to Think about it…after the SuperBowl of course!


What do you think?

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