3 Ways to Make ‘Learning into a Hobby’

Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.

-Francis Bacon

Thinking about continuing education, some only think of professional training, credentials, and degrees.  But, what about learning-for-its-own sake?  Simply, learning as a hobby. 

It’s okay being a personally accepted amateur on any subject, learning solely based on your strengths and interests.  For many lifelong learners, this is second nature, and I urge anyone else to add to this list and give comments.

But for others, allow me to get you started: 

I suggest 3 ways to make learning a hobby.    First, ask yourself two questions:

  • If you didn’t have to worry about money or getting paid for it, what would you do? 
  • What comes so natural to you that you think everyone else knows how to do it too?

Now, the 3 ways:

  1. Far Exceed Assignments:  If you’re like me, you often do just what’s required. When procrastination or anxiety grows with an assignment hanging over your head, try to make a self-directed plan that covers your requirement by default.  For example: If you have a 10 page report due, start by freewriting, preferably typing, about anything and everything relevant and irrelevant to the report.  You will be surprised how you can come up with at least 15 pages without thinking. Once you overcome the page count, revise and shape it for the report and keep the rest as goodies for later.
  2. Go on a Tangent.  When I am reading(mostly watching TV), ideas pop in my head all the time.  If this happens to you, honor it by exploring immediately.  This may seem like a procrastination ploy, but you are  fulfilling underlying tasks in the process.  I have painted entire rooms off this kind of procrastination.  Remember, if you always start today, there’s no tomorrow.
  3. Ask Silly Questions.  This is my favorite. Entertain yourself with questions like: What does that word mean? ; I always wondered about?; Who was this person? ; Why do we always say this?; etc.  

I will never forget when I asked myself what does education mean and where did it come from? In fact, if you don’t already have an answer for such questions, I invite you to the journey.



What do you think?

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